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Transporting with Aasia Saail:-

It’s upbeat, casual and wearable in Aasia Saail designs. She is one of those who like her outfits well designed even if that means going over them a thousand times. Already being in business for more than a decade, Aasia Saail knows precisely what her cuts and colour’s should be. Her summer collection 2002, heralds a breez of fresh designs for the urban middle class for their everyday use.“Among youngsters, many are coming to me that don’t want replica stuff and at the same time cannot afford expensive designer wear. I cater to their everybody needs.” Says Aasia. It’s about being practical in designing when it comes to her. “You can’t invest money for an off the peg dress that’s only wearable for a month.” ‘She says, if you happen to shop for your summer wears, try out Aasia’s lineup.She offers a whole new range that comes in reasonable prices. For office menswear, she designs a proper dress shirt with conservative yet structured look ranging from Rs.800-1200.The cut is tapered with a squarish rim at the bottom. Tucked in or tucked out both depict a mood of their won. For a more casual look, Aasia prefers her men wearing zippers on double-pocketed shirts in lime greens, blues and khakis. Another addition to her summer lineup is her light feel jacket that fakes the look and feel.

With no silk interlining and priced relatively cheaper, it’s catching on with the younger lot.Bootleg and flared, with this year round ankle-slit trousers, is what she draws extensively in her women wear collection. Capris with straight cuts on asymmetrically designed blouses in only Rs. 800 to a 1000, makes an interesting combination for this summer. For evening wear she prefers outfits with a floaty feel that at the same time give a body hugging effect.Having done courses in pattern making, drafting and sowing from London, her cuts and size are made to fit her customers perfectly. And amongst her clients, Resham,Shan,Momi and Jawad Ahmad visit her regularly. She believes in accessorizing her ensembles, “But they need to be in tune with the times. For instance zippers are in and if ever buttons are used, I make sure they are covered with plackets.” Aasia explains. On asking her about fashion repeating history. She says that it will keep coming back, but with a modern steak to it. “My polka dotted sleeveless shirt is a classic English combination of the’ 60s but comes with a zipper and Capri pants with very structured cuts.”She is known to be one of the pioneers in menswear, ten years from now, when designing for men was not taken seriously. Earlier, she had been supplying to pace, HKB and potpourri and it was only in December 2000 that she opened her outlet at M.M Alam Road.Designing has always remained my passion, “says Aasia who is pharmacist by academics and feels the best thing is to get client’s satisfaction…